Firefox 2.0 Beta Gets A Tab Overflow Button

By this point I think most people know the frustration that I had with how Mozilla handled the scrolling tab-bar in Firefox but it looks like they have found a good solution. By default I can now have a much more reasonable number of tabs open, in the area of 20-30, before the tabs start to scroll. Thank you Mozilla! Even better is that the latest nightly build has a button located to the far right side of the tab-bar that will show you a list of ALL your open tabs. This makes it easier to navigate your sites when the tabs get so small you can hardly read them. In the demonstration picture that I took above you can see that my tabs are so small that they are hard to read which makes the tab-navigation button very useful. You can very easily see which tab you have selected because it will be displayed with bold text in the list. At first I was wondering why they wouldn’t just make the button appear when your tabs overflow and start scrolling, but I am glad they didn’t because I have found it to be quite useful! If you decide you want to live on the edge and try out the latest nightly build of Firefox then go ahead, but you may experience some instability since this is not a released version!