Internet Explorer Find As You type

One of the things that Internet Explorer 7 definitely lacks is better searching functionality. I get sick of having that popup window especially after becoming accustomed to Firefox’s Search Bar. Internet Explorer users…you don’t have to suffer anymore!

There is now a nice Find As You Type add-in compatible with Internet Explorer 5 and up. I downloaded the add-in and upon installation it also had to download some C++ runtime files from Microsoft but it did all of the work for me. After that I continued the standard installation process and booted up my IE 7.

One thing that I did miss was the ability to just start typing anywhere on the screen and have it automatically start searching the page like I can do in Firefox, but I pressed Control+F and the Find Bar appeared as pictured above. I started to type some text and it found the first instance on the page. If I wanted to move to the next instance I just had to press Enter and to move back I pressed Shift+Enter.

So it is pretty much the basic functionality but this is something that Internet Explorer 7 should have shipped with by default. I mean think about it, the whole reason that Microsoft put tabs in Internet Explorer 7 was to reduce the number of windows a user would have open…but there is still a popup window for the search box? Doesn’t quite make sense to me but this add-in solves the problem.