Duplicate file finder

I’m sure we all have hundreds if not thousands of duplicate files on our computers because of apps that make unnecessary copies of files. I’m sure we’ve all seen the multitude of duplicate file finders out there that help eliminate these duplicates, and I’d say Duplicate Commander deserves to be near the top of that list.

Duplicate Commander stands out to me because of the options it offers for removing the duplicates that it finds. You can, for example, move the duplicate files to a folder instead of deleting them or you can create hard links to a single copy of the file. Having these options available prevents users from that “oh crap” moment when they realize they deleted something they shouldn’t have.

Aside from that it has many other features that make it worth the download:

  • Portable app doesn’t require any installation
  • Exclude particular folders and filetypes
  • Only scan certain filetypes
  • Scan files of a particular size range
  • Undo certain actions through “undo scripts”
  • Automatically place checkmarks beside files that match certain criteria
  • Export the duplicate list to the hard drive and then import it back into Duplicate Commander without rescanning
  • Find-as-you-type search box allows users to conveniently search through the duplicate list
  • Able to find duplicates based on filename, filename and extension, filename and size, filename and timestamp, or actual data
  • Includes an advanced junk finder that finds folders left from poorly written application uninstallers (for ADVANCED users only)
  • Free for educational, personal, and professional uses

Duplicate Commander Homepage (Windows only; Freeware; Portable)