We’re all familiar with the basics of how a search engine works – you type in a query and it retrieves relevant links to places around the web. It’s simple, easy to use, and helps us find what we’re looking for. Given this, I think you’ll enjoy a site called BeeMP3. BeeMP3 is a search engine for finding MP3 files on the Internet. Much like a regular search engine, they don’t host the files but direct you to them. This makes finding songs that you want easy.

Whether you’re looking for a song, an album, an artist, or you want to browse between all three, searching takes just seconds. When you visit the site you’ll see a big search box where you’ll enter in what you’re looking for.  I typed “Kanye West” into the search field and it returned 322 different results. Several other searches turned up the results I’d expect as well.


BeeMP3 certainly isn’t unique – there are a few similar services out there. What is unique though is that they will show you the bitrate of the file which some of you will really appreciate. A bitrate over 128,000 (128KB) tells you that the quality of the song will be good. Just yesterday when I tried the service they weren’t providing the link to the download, you’d just click on the file and the “download file” box would appear with your option to save it. When I checked back today, they now provide the link so that you can paste it into a new window should the download not start automatically.

As you might expect, there is loads of copyrighted content that it aggregates, so download at your own risk.

Source: Lifehacker