Have a movie quote in your head, but can’t remember what it’s from? Most people turn to Google to find that kind of information, and for the most part you can find the source without too much trouble. What if you wanted to find the exact second the quote appeared in the movie so that you could actually play it back though? For that you might be better off using a site like Subzin.

Subzin is a television show and movie quote search engine that, from what I can tell, has over 18,000 movies/shows in its database that correspond to millions of quotes. To my surprise it even had some of the more recent movies including Inception and Salt.

A good example that shows off the capabilities of Subzin is searching for “mama always said“. As you can see in the screenshot below the search engine was able to retrieve several points from Forrest Gump where that line was used. Clicking on the maginifying glass next to one of the results also reveals a few lines from before and after that quote to provide you with some context as to how it was used:

box of chocolates quote.jpg

I’ll be the first to admit that my internal movie catalog is rather limited, but maybe I’ll be able to use this to lookup some of those quotes my friends spurt out from time-to-time. The one thing that would make this perfect is if you could actually playback the portion of the video where that quote was used, but I wouldn’t count on that happening anytime soon.

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