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Foodily, as the name suggests, is all about food and helping you find and share recipes with friends. There are literally hundreds of food/recipe websites out there like and, but Foodily has a few features that set it apart from the rest. They also incorporate social features, and have a beautiful interface that adds to the whole recipe finding/sharing experience.

If you’re like me, you tend to gravitate towards recipes with a few common ingredients that take under 30 minutes to make, over recipes with lists of ingredients, (some of which you have no idea where in the World to find them) that will take too much time to prepare. One of the features that Foodily offers is that it clearly lists how many ingredients are in a recipe and how long the cook time will be. If I see a recipe with 22 ingredients that will take an hour to prepare, I know that it’s not worth my effort to even view it.

Typically, every family has one picky eater in the bunch, and Foodily knows this. They have an option where you can perform a search, and choose an ingredient to exclude. This feature will come in handy for both picky eaters, and those who want to exclude certain ingredients (like meat). I performed a search for pizza, and chose to exclude recipes that include meat. You can also specify that you only w ant recipes that are considered low-fat, low-calories, etc.

Lastly, Foodily includes Facebook integration that allows you to share recipes, and keep track of recipes that your friends are sharing.  Signing up for an account (you can use Facebook credentials, or your email address) will allow you to best take advantage of this feature. You can also view a feed in your Foodily profile to help you keep track of what your friends are doing and which recipes they are saving.

Overall, Foodily proves to be an excellent source for keeping track of, and sharing your favorite recipes.

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