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If you’ve watched the Tonight Show with Jay Leno lately, you’ve probably seen their “Stuff We Found on eBay” segment. Actually, you’ve probably seen re-runs  because of the whole writer’s strike, but before that, on occasion he has shown different unique/weird/humorous things that were found and sold on eBay. It always amazes me what people list, but it amazes me more when people actually by the stuff that shouldn’t have been listed in the first place.

If you’re wondering how to go about finding the most interesting/best auctions that eBay has to offer without the help of Jay Leno, you’ll want to turn to  Best of eBay is a fairly new community driven site from eBay that is dedicated to showcasing some of the more interesting items that people put up for sale on eBay.  There are a few social elements incorporated into it which we’ll talk about in a minute, but you don’t have to be social. If you’d just like to browse through all of the crazy stuff, you can do that too.

The “Socialness” of it…

best of ebay vote As mentioned, Best of eBay is community driven. Think of it like Digg – if people don’t submit stories to Digg, there’d be nothing to the site.  It’s the same with Best of eBay – if users don’t nominate listings, there’d be nothing to view.  Not only can users nominate for listings they come across that stand out, people can also vote. Towards the right of each listing will be an image that displays how many votes each listing has.


Navigating the site is pretty simple. Up towards the top is the option to view listings that were recently submitted, “today’s best,” and the “best of all time.” There’s also a drop down box where you can select a specific category that you’d like to view. Unfortunately, there are only select categories to choose from.  If you’re just wanting to browse and not really get involved, I recommend taking a look at the Best of All Time.

Tagging/ Top List/RSS…

top list ebay Just like many other community driven/social sites out there, Best of eBay relies on tags.  When you nominate a listing, you can select appropriate tags for it.  To the right of the page you’ll see a tag cloud so that you can quickly navigate to a topic that might interest you like Christmas, Cars, or Gag Gifts.

Another element of the site is their Top list which simply shows who has given the most votes and which items have received the most votes. You can even comment, or if you’d like to subscribe to the Best of eBay via RSS, you can do that as well.

Some of the “best” of all time……

Remember, these are actual listings!

The Hillary Clinton Nut Cracker (link):

nut cracker

This item sold for $20.50

Name my 24 Toed Kitten (link):

24 toed cat

This item had a winning bid of $28.00

Crazy Alien Eggs Straight from the Twilight Zone (link)

alien egg

This item had a winning bid of $51.00

Knitted Quiche Meal (all fake food) (link)


This item sold for $13.99 – other listings from the eBay user included a knitted holiday tea set and sunny side up eggs.