PHP Cheat SheetI love cheat sheets because my memory, well, sucks. If I’m programming I often need to look up information, but most of the time all I need is something to get the juices flowing in my head. That’s where cheat sheets come in.

The first place that I always look for the cheat sheets is at who, despite the odd name, has some of the most comprehensive cheat sheets available. Unfortunately they only have about 15 available, but they are on the most important topics including HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and even World of Warcraft.

Thanks to TechTarget, it is now easy to find cheat sheets for nearly anything. Actually "anything" is an understatement because their list is extremely long. They’ve got cheat sheets for DOS, Linux, browsers, and almost all programming languages. Unfortunately the cheat sheets aren’t all in the nice printing format that you would expect, but that doesn’t mean they are not useful. You’ll also notice that any cheat sheet in PDF format is specified next to the title, and that is normally a good thing because it will retain the nice formatting when printing (as opposed to some of the sloppy HTML cheat sheets listed).

If you find any cheat sheets that are really useful let me know in the comments, because I like having them around for when I need them.

Source: Lifehacker