While developing our new site we decided to move away from the orange text because a lot of readers have emailed me saying that it is hard to see. We decided to go from orange to a more gold color because it is easier to read. The combination of blue and gold that we chose can be seen to the right (they have a few effects applied to them so that they look a little glossy).

It wasn’t an easy decision but thanks to the color scheme finder we were able to find complimentary colors in just a matter of seconds. I found it when searching for a way to find some nice matching colors and I didn’t even have gold in mind. Once I found this site it recommended a shade of gold that perfectly complimented the blue we chose to use. The best part is that it gives you several different shades of colors along with their HEX values so that you can easily implement them into your HTML.

If you have your own website that targets web development then go ahead and place this tool on your site for free! They give you the HTML code that uses an iframe to integrate it and this is the URL for that iframe. Even if you don’t want to embed it into your site you may find that you like using that URL to lookup color schemes because it doesn’t have anything else on the page…it’s just a nice clean interface.

Maybe you’ll find some use out of the color scheme finder and I definitely hope that you like the new colors our site will have when the redesign launches on Thursday.