I have always wondered how much some of the software that I use decreases the performance of my computer. The PC Spy is trying to make people aware of the worst software that is out there, and to no surprise Norton Internet Security 2006 is at the top.

Which ones are the most surprising? I would have to say seeing some of those instant messengers high on the list really shocked me. Those are supposed to be light weight programs that, in my opinion, shouldn’t even be noticeable. I was happy that BitDefender, Azureus, and OpenOffice.org all seemed to do pretty well though.

It is pretty obvious that having a large number of fonts degrades performance in Windows. I think that I’ll be going through and deleting some of the ones that came with Vista because I really don’t need 400+ fonts. Well, I may not delete them but I’ll store them in another folder in case I realize how often I really use the 400 fonts. :)