Firefox 2 Alpha 1 Release Planned For Tuesday

Sorry I haven’t been doing many postings lately but I am back now from being out of town. The first thing that I checked when I got back was the status of Firefox 2 Alpha 1. Unfortunately it still hasn’t been released but now we have some more dates that sound promising. The code freeze is planned for today (Thursday) and then the release is scheduled for Tuesday. From the meeting notes it appears that some features are not going to make it to this build such as the ‘Undo Close Tab’ feature.

There is also a mentioning of Firefox but not much news on what we can expect with that. I think that the main focus right now is on Firefox 2 so we will cross our fingers for an on time release of the Alpha build this Tuesday.

News Source: Firefox 2 Alpha 1 Meeting Notes From March 14, 2006