The latest Firefox meeting notes points out that the release of Firefox 2 Beta 2 has yet been pushed back a little more. They say that it is “on target to release Thursday, Aug 31st assuming no stop-ship items discovered.”

“C” sent me an email earlier today pointing out that the tabs have changed a little bit and so I took a screenshot pictured above. From left to right: inactive tab, inactive tab hovered over with the mouse, and active tab. I like them because I think that they are easy to read and the active tab definitely stands out.

I do have a note for those people running Vista. I had been notified that there was a new nightly update available to be downloaded for Firefox and after it finished downloading it I restarted the browser. However, the update did not install because Firefox has to be running as an Administrator in order to install the update. Just right-click on the Firefox shortcut and select “Run as administrator.” After Firefox starts up just go to the Help menu and select the option to check for the updates again. I’m sure that this will get worked out by the time Vista is released but it might help anyone wondering why the updates never get installed.