Firefox 2 Beta 2 Slips For A Second TimeFirefox 2 Beta 2 has been pushed back another week because there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed before they can release Beta 2. Some of the bugs have to do with the new visual refresh theme that was implemented last week and also with the new Preferences Window. So the new schedule means the code freeze for Beta 2 will be on August 16th and it will officially be released midday on August 23rd.

If you haven’t heard there is one really serious bug that will continue to push back the release if it cannot be fixed. Here is the description of the problem:

Firefox cannot handle eating 10 Taco Bell Burrito Supremes without vomiting.

Everything starts out rendering correctly, but as time progresses, the
rendering slows down… and then about 90 minutes in, Firefox just barfs.

This is the pre-crash image but it looks like they may have gotten the bug worked out in this image. If you want some really good laughs make sure you read the comments in the bug report. Don’t worry though, there really are legitimate bugs that are blocking Beta 2 from being released :D .