Mozilla continues to try and please the public by releasing even more updates to the default theme that will ship in Firefox 2. They have changed the Refresh button so that it looks more sleek than the previous one and how about that Home icon? I definitely don’t think it fits in with the rest but I do love how it stands out.

Also, when you hover over buttons on the toolbars you will see a border appear around it. In previous milestone builds it was difficult to tell when you were hovering over one of your bookmarks on the toolbar but now it is much better.

I also notice that the icons, especially the small ones, are much brighter. I think the small ones are even brighter than the large ones which you can compare below.

New Home and Refresh buttons:

New folder icon:

Tabs (background tab, background tab being hovered over, and current tab):


Mozilla is really pulling the new theme together and I think a lot of people are starting to warm up to it. It does take a little getting used to but the whole glossy appearance fits in very well with Vista which is important.

You can try out the latest nightly build yourself by downloading it here.

Thanks for the tip “C”!