Firefox 2 Homepage

Mozilla has officially announced Firefox 2 and included with that is the revamped homepage that is pictured above. Unlike the new Add-ons page this one will actually change the header picture a few times each time you refresh the site.

The Mozilla homepage also got a similar update but with different images in the header. The Products page wasn’t left behind either because it too got a facelift. Ahh, but then the Thunderbird homepage…it is the lonely one out of the bunch because it appears as though it isn’t part of the family. While the others have gone on to bigger and better things the Thunderbird page sits alone with its non-glossy old-school appearance. Maybe when it reaches the important 2.0 milestone it will be good enough for a refresh. ;)

Mozilla also has their press release available for people who like reading those sorts of things although their features list is probably the thing that you should really checkout. It is very well organized and provides screenshots with nearly all of the new features they have integrated.

Congratulations Mozilla on an amazing release…and I am happy to join you on the road to Firefox 3!