Firefox Downloads

I’ve been wondering how the Firefox 2 downloads have been coming along and I managed to find someone who put together a live online graph of the current download rate. You can see from the chart above the big spike in downloads after Firefox 2 was released.

Firefox 2 Banner Actually the cool thing about the graph is that you can place it on your site and have it update itself live. Just use the URL[w]x[h].png and replace [w] and [h] with the width and height of the image, respectively, that you would like. For example, click here to see a 3000 x 1000 pixel graph. I didn’t place a live graph above because I am afraid that too many people will be using it and the site will get overwhelmed.

As you can see there have been more than 3 million downloads since it was released on Monday which is very good. There are also several ways that you can put a download counter on your site, including PHP Scripts and Flash, which can be found here. Or maybe you want to make your own way using the RSS Feed, that Mozilla provides, of the total downloads.

I’m sure Firefox 2 is going to spread very virally and a lot of it will be because of the strong user base. If you want to help you can get buttons for Firefox 2 to place on your site and banners should be coming soon (a mockup of a banner is pictured to the right).

I can’t wait to see how Firefox will continue to grow but I’m sure it will be quickly.

Thanks to Curtiss for pointing out the Firefox banners!