Firefox has been released.

Firefox Logo There have been some bumps in the road for the release of Firefox but it is expected to ship tomorrow. Up until today they have provided 6 release candidate builds for version which hopefully means they got everything worked out. Despite the release date being pushed back a few times it has only slipped one-week from their original expectation.

Flock has also stated that they will be updating to version 0.7.5 tomorrow if Mozilla is able to get that release out. If everything goes smoothly in that version of Flock they will go ahead and enable the automatic update for current users on Friday.

On a similar note I am sure you have seen the updates I’ve posted about the Firefox 2 theme. Mozilla has been trying to get everything put together over the last few days because the code lockdown is scheduled for today. At that time they will be preparing for the release of Firefox 2 RC1 which is supposed to ship on September 19. Let’s cross our fingers and hope Mozilla keeps it on time. :)