skitched-20080820-152031.jpgThose of you who are still using Firefox 2 should be getting the update notification in the next week saying that Firefox 3 is available for download. Mozilla would obviously like all of their users to upgrade to the latest version of the browser, but the real question is whether they will.

I thought this would be a good time to look at the visitor stats for our site, and see which versions of each browser everyone is using. Here’s the breakdown from August 1st, 2008 to today:

  • Firefox: 54.75%
    • 3.0.1: 68.26%
    • 19.96%
    • 3.0: 5.08%
    • 1.72%
  • Internet Explorer: 36.03%
    • 7.0: 70.38%
    • 6.0: 29.14%
    • 8.0: 0.39%
    • 5.5: 0.05%
  • Opera: 4.41%
    • 9.51: 63.22%
    • 9.50: 12.20%
    • 9.52: 9.59%
    • 9.27: 4.08%

Not bad, huh? Only about 25% of you haven’t upgraded to the latest version of Firefox… which is almost the same percentage that haven’t upgraded to Internet Explorer 7. IE7, on the other hand, was released almost 2-years ago as opposed to Firefox 3 that was released just 2-months ago.

I’m sure you have your reasons for not upgrading to Firefox 3 (broken extensions, don’t need/want the extra features, etc…), but will you be changing your mind in the next week or so when the automatic upgrade rolls around? If you won’t be making the jump to Firefox 3 I’d definitely be interested to hear your reasoning in the comments.

Mozilla Weekly Meeting Notes [via Download Squad]
[image via DeviantArt]