Firefox 2 Visual Refresh Theme Now Implemented!

I was watching the builds to see when they would implement the Visual Refresh that I just mentioned moments ago and they have now done it! I haven’t been playing around with it only for a few minutes (obviously) but it seems to be very pleasing on the eyes. The rounded corners make a huge difference in my opinion and will fit into Windows Vista much better than the standard theme. I have put together a portable version for those people who want to give it a whirl. All you have to do is download the Portable Firefox 2 file below. Then you unzip the file and browse for the file FirefoxPortable.exe. Just execute that file and you will be running Firefox 2 with the new Visual Refresh theme! The profile is kept with the FirefoxPortable folder so you don’t have to worry about messing up your other profile and the uninstallation process is simple…just delete the folder! Download Portable Firefox 2.0 (with Visual Refresh theme) Download the Windows Installer Download for Linux
Mac users can download the latest nightly here but I haven’t been able to test to make sure it had the new theme in it. Please let me know if it does. Pete K. confirmed that it does work for a Mac.

Update 2:
You can download the Classic Firefox 1.5 Theme if you don’t like the new one.