Firefox 2.0 Alpha Set For February

The growing popularity of Firefox means the developers will work harder and push for quicker releases. With the final release of Firefox 1.5 just over a month ago, they are now pushing for a February release date of the 2.0 version of Firefox. The downside is that it will not be feature complete and I am sure it will lack extension compatibility for quite some time (just like Firefox 1.5 did). It will be, however, fun to see where they plan on taking the future of Firefox. I am sure they are also trying to compete with the March release of Internet Explorer 7.0 which many people seem to be anticipating.

Plans for Firefox 3.0 are being set for the end of 2006 or the beginning of 2007. It is hard to imagine that they haven’t even finalized 2.0 and they are already making 3.0, but nothing will ever shock me when it comes to Firefox and their developers because they seem to think of everything.

News Source: BetaNews