Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 Candidate Now Available

The first set of release candidates for Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 have been posted to the Mozilla FTP. You can get this build for Linux, Mac, or Windows (Installer or ZIP). Remember, this is just a release candidate and may not represent what the official Beta 1 release is like but they have closed the build from further checkins.

The official release is still scheduled for Tuesday, July 11.

Firefox 2.0 Release Candidate 2 is now available and so is a portable version!
Because of popular demand I have put together the Portable version of this build.
Also, I have put together a nice guide on tweaking Beta 1 and some of its new features.

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  1. Submitted this to REDDIT, as requeste – thanks for the info

  2. Think I’ll wait until 2.0 is final… I never like being a test subject for software…

  3. That probably isn’t a bad idea because some of the builds I have tested have been quite unstable. This one seems pretty solid so far but if you just want to play with it I will probably be posting a Portable version of this build tomorrow.


  4. I’ll wait for your portable version to try this, Ryan. Make sure you Get it Dugg!

  5. something new to 2.0?

  6. Actually, I just came about some free time so check back in a little bit if you are looking for the portable version.


  7. a release candidate for a beta?

  8. Yes, the links even show that this is a release candidate:


    This is because it is the intermediate build that falls between nightly releases and official releases. It is their last ditch effort to make sure there are no bugs that make the build completely unusable.


  9. How much difference is this compared to []

  10. There are many bug fixes and a few new features which make this build much better. I am in the process of writing a review and should be posting it sometime on Tuesday after Beta 1 is officially released.


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