Firefox 2.0 Gets Undo Close Tab & Scrolling Tabs

After upgrading to the latest nightly build of Firefox 2.0 I noticed two features that I haven’t seen before. One of the features was an “Undo Close Tab” button when you right-click on the tab-bar or on a tab. This allows a user to recover a site that they may have just accidentally closed. This is great because ever since they put that little red “X” on each tab I have accidentally closed sites several times.

The other feature that I don’t like very much is a scrolling tab-bar. When you open too many tabs Firefox will put scroll buttons on each end of the tab-bar. On my 1280×800 laptop screen it only allows me to open 10 tabs before it displays the scroll buttons. Hopefully they will end up letting users choose the minimum size of the tabs before the scroll buttons appear, otherwise I am sure there will be an extension to cure this!