Firefox Holidays There are two milestone releases for Mozilla right around the corner and just in time for the holidays. The first one to point out is Firefox which is scheduled for December 14. As of right now Mozilla has RC1 available to try out on their FTP servers which is good to see because that means they are on schedule.

The other big release is Thunderbird 2.0 Beta which is also expected to ship on December 14 as well. You can test out the latest release candidate of that milestone on Mozilla’s FTP. According to previous plans there are still some features that this milestone will not include, like the tabbed messages, but it is only the first Beta so there is still some time for further development. The final release of Thunderbird 2 is estimated to be in the first quarter of 2007 and then Thunderbird 3 should be released not that long after it. They are adding quite a few new features to Thunderbird 2 which is why it is taking a little longer whereas version 3 won’t be such a drastic change. Hopefully that will get the releases of Firefox and Thunderbird back in sync.

News Source: Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog