FirefoxMozilla has posted final versions of both Firefox and earlier today that fixes 6 bugs. These bugs (listed below) deal with varying issues, some of which are actually security related, so an update is strongly recommended.

Since the Firefox homepage has not been updated at this time, I have put together two downloaders for each of the new versions of Firefox:

Download Firefox


Download Firefox

There is also no official release notes page available at this time detailing the changes. When ready, the release notes page for will be here and will be here. However, these were the bugs that had to be fixed before Firefox could be shipped:

More information will probably be posted on the Security Advisory site after Mozilla officially announces the release of Firefox and a little later today or tomorrow. should be updated with this new release in about 6 to 12 hours (that’s what it typically takes) for those people who want to hold off until it is on the Firefox homepage.

If you decide that you’re just going to wait for Firefox to notify you of the update it will probably be 24 to 48 hours before they activate the automatic updates. After all, they don’t want everyone rushing to download it at the same time!