Firefox LogoToday is a big day for Mozilla because it marks the last version of Firefox 1.5 that will ship. Last month Mozilla kindly extended the "end-of-life" date from April 24, 2007 to today in order to get one final release in. This last release was definitely necessary though since Mozilla had never prompted 1.5.x users to upgrade to Firefox 2, but that is about to change.

The Firefox homepage has not been updated with the new versions yet so I have put together two downloaders for each of the new versions. The downloaders below use Mozilla’s load balancing techniques to distribute the downloads across their mirrors, so you don’t have to worry about hammering their servers:

Download Firefox


Download Firefox

The list of changes in these builds haven’t been posted yet, but should be available on the release notes for later today. The release notes for Firefox will be here and will be here. However, there are 117 bugs that have been fixed in Firefox, of which 24 caused crashes, 2 were memory leaks, 18 were regressions, 2 were privacy-related bugs and 12 were security-sensitive. So, as always, the upgrade is highly recommended.

Overall it looks like most visitors to our site have made the upgrade to Firefox 2, although Mozilla said last month that about 40% of their users are still stuck on an older version of Firefox. For the last 30-days here is how the different versions of Firefox stack up on our site:

Firefox Usage

The good news is that Firefox is finally supposed to prompt existing users to make the upgrade to Firefox 2. This seamless transition is what a lot of people have been waiting for, but I wish they would have gotten it done a little sooner than 7-months after the release of Firefox 2.