Firefox 3 Add-ons

In the coming months Mozilla will be shipping the Firefox 3 browser, and with that comes a redesigned add-ons site. A preview of the new add-ons site is currently available, and I have to say that it is head over heels better than the current site. Things like the search box really stand out, and search results are laid out in a more friendly format.

The thing that I find impressive with the new site is the fluid integration of the sandboxed add-ons. On the current site you have to login before you can see results from any extensions in the sandbox, but now they are shown side-by-side with the rest of the search results. On the revised site you’ll still need to login to your account before being able to download a sandboxed add-on, but merging the two types of results together is a nice touch. When browsing through the categories, however, there will be a checkbox in the upper-right corner of results which needs to be checked before seeing any of the sandboxed extensions.

One thing that I’m still disappointed with is that you can’t choose how you want your search results sorted. If you’re browsing a category you can sort by name, date, downloads, or rating, but search results have no such options. The current site doesn’t even allow that, but I was hoping with the next revision that they would throw this in.

Mozilla Add-ons Preview [via Mozilla Links]