Firefox 3 Alpha 8 Screenshot 

We weren’t exactly sure whether the next milestone in the Firefox 3 pre-release lifecycle was going to be an Alpha or a Beta, but we know now. Mozilla just released Firefox 3 Alpha 8 as another developer preview, and judging by the current state I would say that they will be ready to start the Beta builds soon.

According to the release notes here are all of the new features since Firefox 3 Alpha 7:

  • Basic and unpolished UI for starring and tagging pages has been added, as well as a richer Location Bar autocomplete algorithm that matches against page title. Here are possible mockups of upcoming features.
  • Prompt for remembering passwords is no longer a modal dialog
  • Built in malware protection (which you can test here)
  • Basic and unpolished UI for indicating richer website identity information has been added
  • A new Applications preference panel for configuring handlers for various content types has replaced the Download Actions dialog and the Feeds preference panel
    Firefox 3 Application Manager
  • All Firefox add-ons must now use a secure method for auto-updating
  • Firefox now quits properly (instead of just being killed) when Windows is shut down or restarted
  • You can also see the full list of all bugs fixed since Gran Paradiso Alpha 7

So the next milestone still hasn’t been classified as an Alpha or Beta build, but it should be released either way around the end of October. Despite having a lot of work to do on the Bookmark Organizer I still think that they can get all of the groundwork laid so that they can begin the Beta process. As always we’ll keep you informed of the new feature as they become available in the nightly builds.

Download Firefox 3 Alpha 8:
Microsoft Windows 2000 or later
Mac OS X 10.4 or later