Firefox 3 Windows Theme Mozilla just announced that they are planning on having the first Release Candidate build of Firefox 3 Beta 3 coming this Monday, and although no word on a release date was announced it can probably be expected about a week after that.

The new Beta will be the first release to start showing off the new Windows themes that they’ve been working on, but as it stands right now the Vista-specific theme is not available. Vista users will see the same theme as XP users, which I’ve captured in the screenshot above. I definitely don’t like how that theme looks on Vista, and I don’t think it would look all that much better on XP. As other people have iterated before the theme has a plastic-like look to it that makes it feel like a toy.

And no, the theme is not the “big new feature.” Just the other night Mozilla rolled out a new section to the Add-ons manager for finding extensions without ever going to the add-ons site:

Firefox 3 Add-ons Search

It only shows a handful of results, and then provides a link to the add-ons site to view the remaining extensions. I’m guessing that Mozilla is doing this in hopes of getting the add-ons to gain traction with new Firefox users.

That’s about all the new stuff that users will see in Firefox 3 Beta 3 since the last Beta was released, plus a bunch of bug fixes. After Beta 3 there will be another “quick” release of Beta 4, and then they will be moving on to the Release Candidate stage. You know what that means don’t you? Mozilla might be able to pull off a release in the first quarter of 2008 like they have been anticipating.