firefox download day.pngAbout two weeks ago we wrote about how Mozilla was going after a Guinness World Record when Firefox 3 launched. Well, that day is today, and the official Firefox 3 Download Day started just minutes ago! It strolled in about an hour late, but at least it made it here safe and sound. The site is getting hammered pretty hard right now, so don’t be surprised if you can’t get through right away.

Mozilla is shooting for 5 million downloads within the first 24-hours, and to have your download count you’ll need to download the full installation of the browser. You’ve got until Wednesday, June 18th at 10AM PST (view in your timezone) to complete your download.

Before the launch there had already been well over 1.7 million people pledge to download the browser, which means they should have no troubles bypassing the 1.6 million downloads that they received for Firefox 2 when it was released. Italy, Poland, and Brazil all had over 100,000 pledges each, and the United States had over 275,000 pledges. That means those four countries alone will likely account for 40% of the total downloads.

In the event that Mozilla’s site starts to get bogged down (which is exactly what appears to be happening right now) I’ve put together a downloader for all of the different languages Firefox 3 is offered in. This will take you directly to the download page for your particular language, and should count in the “Download Day” total.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our CyberNotes tomorrow morning as we give Firefox 3 the full review it deserves.

Get Firefox 3
Thanks to Cody for the tip!