Firefox 3 has had nearly two weeks to work its way onto computers around the world, and the most recent numbers according to Spread Firefox say that there have been over 26 million downloads of the browser. Prior to the launch of Firefox 3 Mozilla said that they had 20 million active Firefox users, which probably means that a lot of people have downloaded Firefox 3 multiple times. There are currently 160 million active Firefox users.

Net Applications was kind enough to provide hourly stats for Firefox 3’s market share, and they did it for one full week after its release. What’s interesting is that Mozilla received 8 million downloads in the first day, and more than doubled that number within a week after its launched. The market share stats, however, seems to tell a different story as the usage remained steady over the first week:

Firefox 3 Hourly Market Share % from 6/17 to 6/24
firefox 3 usage.png

You’ll also notice that Europe is leading the charge in using Firefox 3, and the North America usage falls just below the worldwide average.

Download Squad’s inquiring minds wanted to know what the operating system breakdown was for the downloads, and Mozilla didn’t have any troubles turning over that information to them. Windows users accounted for 79% of the downloads, Linux 13%, and Mac OS X 8%. Mac OS X beats out Linux in terms of operating system market share, but when it came to Firefox 3 downloads the numbers were reversed. I’m guessing that means many Mac users are content with Safari?

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