Firefox 3 SelectionsThe latest nightly releases of Firefox 3 have a new feature in them that allow you to select items on a site that are not all adjacent to each other. This is often called discontinuous selections, and the result is something similar to the screenshot that I posted to the right.

They designed it to be much like a normal text editor such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer where you just hold down the Control key while making multiple selections. Then you can copy and paste it into a document or text editor.

This feature will actually be pretty useful for me when copying and pasting things from websites, and it is just the beginning of the good things that are yet to come. There aren’t any precise dates set for Firefox 3 milestones, but they gave a rough timeframe for the future releases as well a list of features to expect:

  • Firefox 3 Alpha 4 – Late April 2007
    • Places
      • Safeguard against data-loss
      • Bookmarks never lost between sessions
    • New Password Manager
    • Growl integration for Mac OS X
    • Search engine keyword support
  • Firefox 3 Alpha 5 – Late May 2007
    • Places
      • Sync infrastructure
      • API for extensibility (this makes it easy to integrate with other bookmarking services)
      • Backup and restore
  • Firefox 3 Alpha 6 – Late June 2007
    • Places
      • Sync client
      • Unified organizer
      • Starring
      • Tagging
      • Export to other applications
      • Full-text indexing
      • Extended metadata search
      • Improved performance
    • Download manager improvements
  • Firefox 3 Beta 1 – Late July 2007
    • No new features
  • Firefox 3 Beta 2 – Late September 2007
    • No new features

Source: Firefox Extension Guru