Firefox 3 Places Organizer

In the latest Firefox 3 meeting notes Mozilla linked to a mockup of what they would like to see the Places Organizer look like when all is said and done. Despite being mentioned for the first time in the meeting notes this design (pictured above) is actually several weeks old.

So I thought this would be a good time to show off some other mockups of Places, and to give my opinion on a few of the features:

  • Star Button, Sidebar, and Toolbar (mockup) – I like that Mozilla will be placing "smart" folders on the Bookmarks toolbar by default. These will be used to show you things like the most used tags, most visited bookmarks, and more.
  • Address Bar Searching (mockup) – I love how visible the highlighting of search terms is.
  • Places Organizer (mockup) – This is what we have pictured at the beginning of this article, and the most surprising thing to me is the Vista-themed manager. I’m not sure what it would look like on other platforms, but they would definitely have to customize it for the different operating systems.

    I do have one concern with the Places Organizer though, and it’s the thumbnail screenshot that’s seen when viewing the details of a bookmark. I’m not sure whether that screenshot is taken on-the-fly when it’s needed, or whether Firefox stores a thumbnail for all of your bookmarks? That just seems like a lot of unnecessary overhead either way, and I could see it being a source of poor performance. I’ll be optimistic though because that would be pretty cool to have thumbnail previews for your bookmarks.

  • Integrating Tagging and Bookmarking (mockup) – This shows the distress Mozilla is going through trying to pick how they should let users tag and bookmark pages.

The next milestone for Firefox 3 is scheduled for next Tuesday, September 18th, but it’s possible that they won’t make the date. Following that release will be milestone 9 which is expected around the middle of October, and by that point the Places Organizer should almost be in full swing.

I can’t wait to see what Mozilla comes up with, and as always we’ll keep you posted on any significant additions to the nightly builds.

Source: Yahoo! News
Thanks for the tip CoryC!