The latest nightly build of Firefox 3 has a nice new feature that the eye-candy lovers out there will like. In Firefox when you open too many tabs they overflow and scrollers on each end of the Tab Bar appear. That way you can navigate between all of your tabs without having them shrink down to the size of a pea.

Firefox 3 is looking to spruce that feature up a bit my animating the scrolling motion so that it isn’t so choppy. It’s a little hard to explain so I threw together a quick video to demonstrate the new feature:

You’ll also notice at the end of the video I demonstrate the new resizable toolbar elements.

I think that this is a pretty cool feature, but it is of little use to me. Don’t get me wrong…I’m a sucker for eye candy, but I actually modify Firefox so that it almost never scrolls my tabs. I’d honestly rather see tabs that are super small than have to scroll to find what I’m looking for.

Sources: Asa Dotzler & Mozilla Links