Firefox 3 Windows Theme

Last week we kept you up-to-date on Mozilla’s progress for the Firefox 3 theme on both the Linux and Mac OS X platforms. Today we finally have a glimpse of what both XP and Vista will look like once the new icons are integrated into the browser. The mockups are posted above with the icons straight from the Iconfactory:

I had been curious how the “keyhole” back/forward button design would actually look, but I think it fits in quite well on both operating systems. I’m still a little skeptical about the green buttons on XP, but it’s hard to judge when you aren’t looking at the overall browser.

You can expect to see the new icons integrated into the nightly builds soon. I’m sure you’re wondering what some of the other ones look like, and so I present you with the main set of icons in their various states:

Note: I believe the order from top to bottom is: normal, hovering, disabled, and clicking on the icon.

Firefox 3 Windows Icons