firefox 3 vista xp themes.jpg

Are you using Windows XP but prefer the Firefox 3 theme for Vista, or vice versa? Unfortunately Mozilla decided that Windows users shouldn’t be given the option between the two themes, but it was only a matter of time before someone duplicated them for everyone to use. As you can see above I’m running Windows XP, but Firefox 3 has the Vista theme enabled.

To do this yourself all you have to do is download the respective theme that you want to use:

  • Vista on XP: Makes Firefox 3 running on Windows XP use the Vista theme.
  • XP on Vista: Makes Firefox 3 running on Vista use the Windows XP theme.

I haven’t tried these themes on other operating systems (such as Linux), but I suspect that they will work on any OS just as any normal theme would. Report back in the comments if you decide to try these out on other operating systems. Update: Malinthe confirmed in the comments below that these themes work in Kubuntu Linux.

Both of the themes are still experimental, which means you’ll need to login to the Mozilla site before being able to install them. If you don’t have a login you can use a generic login that I’ve created over at Mozilla:

  • Username:
  • Password: cybernetnews

UPDATE: Both themes are now public, and don’t require any login.

Feel free to also mention your favorite Firefox 3 theme in the comments, and if you’re using a Mac don’t forget to sneak a peek the Safari-like themes available.