In Firefox 2 Mozilla implemented a feature called Microsummaries that will let users have periodically updating bookmarks. Here at CyberNet we have a few different Microsummaries available for everyone to use to help keep track of comments and new articles. If you haven’t heard the term Microsummaries before then you may be a little more familiar with the term “Live Titles” which is essentially what they are.

Mozilla plans to continue developing the Microsummaries into something great by adding graphical capabilities. Yes, what you see in the screenshot above is an example of a few charts from some stocks that you may be interested in watching. That’s not the only kind of chart that the Microsummaries will use…here is an image with the different variations expected:

Microsummary Charts

I never thought that Mozilla would try and develop these even further but it is definitely something that needs to be done. Their current list of sites that have Microsummaries available are very minimal so hopefully this will help that expand. Mozilla just hasn’t tried to promote these enough.

If you have a hard time knowing when a site has a Microsummary available just download and use the Microsummary Buddy extension. It will notify you in the address bar with a little colored box similar to the RSS icon when a Microsummary has been detected on a site. My question is why didn’t Mozilla include something like this in Firefox?

Thanks to “Jack of all Trades” for the tips (he sent the extension as well)!