John Slater, the Creative Director over at Mozilla, has given some early insight into the Firefox 3 website redesign process. Just like with Firefox 2, a new website will be accompanying the next big milestone release of the browser which is planned for early next year.

There four different design directions that they are considering: global, agile, open, and for the people by the people. The different designs can be viewed here, but instead of making you shuffle through several different pages we decided to thumbnail a bulk of the different designs below. Keep in mind that these are just concepts at this stage, and are likely to change before they hit final form.

Before we jump into all of the different mockups I wanted to point out a few general observations that I’ve made that is consistent throughout the designs:

  • One of the common issues I noticed in the designs is that the download button doesn’t pop out and slap you in the face. In the current design the download button is a bright green, and it’s nearly impossible to miss! It’s almost as if they are trying to make the download buttons blend in this time around.
  • An abundance of text! Almost all of the designs, with the exception of the “Agile” ones, could definitely turn people off who hate reading. I definitely think that they should have a “click here to read about more features” link somewhere, but don’t try and list out every feature on the main page.

If I had to pick a winner it would be the “Agile” set of designs. It’s got a classy look to it, the download button is semi-prominent, and it provides a nice screenshot of what users will see after installing the browser. What would be really cool is if they try to detect the user’s operating system, and display the screenshot that corresponds to the OS they’re running!

Okay, now it’s time to checkout the mockups. After you get done looking at them be sure to drop off a comment below with which designs you like the best.


Firefox Site - Global 1 Firefox Site - Global 2 Firefox Site - Global 3 Firefox Site - Global 4
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Firefox Site - Agile 1 Firefox Site - Agile 2 Firefox Site - Agile 3 Firefox Site - Agile 4
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Firefox Site - Open 1 Firefox Site - Open 2 Firefox Site - Open 3
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–For the People, By the People–

Firefox Site - People 1 Firefox Site - People 2 Firefox Site - People 3
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