In the last week we’ve seen two major browsers, Firefox (review) and Opera, release huge milestones for their desktop software. Just five days after the release of Opera 9.5 they are reporting that there have been an astounding 4.7 million downloads of the browser, thereby averaging almost a million downloads per day. That’s pretty good considering they have 20 million users, which means about a quarter of them have already made the upgrade.

Mozilla, who was going after a Guinness World Record, came barreling through with everything they had. Early in the morning they were having troubles keeping up with the greedy geeks like yourself that just had to be the “first” to get their hands on the browser. Mozilla’s pipes were definitely clogged as they were trying to serve up 2 Gigabits of HTTP traffic per second, plus another 13 Gigabits of downloads per second. While they could have been a little better prepared, that’s like trying to fit a bus through a tunnel the size of a straw. As things began leveling out they were able to get the traffic under control, and averaged 150 downloads per second (9,000 per minute). Not too shabby.

In the end those 9,000 downloads every minute worked out to a total of 8,271,687 downloads of Firefox 3.0 in the first day. That’s over 3 million more downloads than Mozilla was hoping to get! Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 countries according to Spread Firefox:

Note: The download counter still seems to be increasing despite the Firefox Download Day being over. These stats are taken as of June 18th at 1:19PM CST (3 minutes after Download Day officially finished).

  1. United States: 2,582,070 Downloads
  2. Germany: 666,627 Downloads
  3. Japan: 403,417 Downloads
  4. Spain: 298,204 Downloads
  5. United Kingdom: 295,557 Downloads
  6. France: 290,692 Downloads
  7. Iran: 258,774 Downloads
  8. Italy: 244,319 Downloads
  9. Canada: 223,618 Downloads
  10. Lithuania: 213,871 Downloads

Net Applications has also reported on the market share usage of Firefox 3 over the last 24-hours, and it looks as though a good portion of Firefox users are adopting the new browser. Here’s a chart of the market share starting on June 17th at 10AM (EDT), and ending on June 18th at 11AM (EDT):

Market Share for Firefox 3 in the First Day
firefox 3 market share.png

In May 2008 Firefox had an 18.41% market share overall, and according to the hourly reports Firefox 3.0 alone peaked at 4.56% of the total market share. If those stats are anything to go by about 25% of Firefox users are already running the latest version of the browser.

Congrats to both Mozilla and Opera on successfully distributing their browsers to millions and millions of users! If you participated in the Firefox Download Day be sure to grab your commemorative form.