It seems like just yesterday Firefox 3.0 was released, and here we sit with the first Alpha release of Firefox 3.1 in our lap. This new release is supposed to reach final form towards the end of the year, but until that time comes there will be plenty of pre-release versions (like this one) that you can tinker with.

So what’s new in Firefox 3.1 Alpha 1? The two major things we’ve already uncovered, and what I’m referring to would be the address bar improvements and new tab switching behavior. Aside from that there have been some additional CSS3 implementations, which I’m guessing most of you won’t be touching. Here’s a brief look at the features in this release:

Remember that most of your extensions probably won’t function in this release without forcing compatibility, and even by doing that there’s no guarantee that your extensions will work as you would expect. For example, our own CyberSearch extension was broken in Firefox 3.1 because of this bug, but we made sure to get CyberSearch 0.9.11 up last week which offers full Firefox 3.1 compatibility. Not only that but we have another new version of the extension coming out tomorrow that has a bunch of new features. ;)

The download links for Firefox 3.1 Alpha 1 are below, but one thing I wanted to point out is that this release bears the codename Shiretoko. So don’t be confused when the browser starts up and it doesn’t say “Firefox” anywhere.


The downloads are currently only available in English (U.S.), and this will likely be the case until Firefox 3.1 hits the Beta stage. If you’re still interested in downloading Firefox 3.1 Alpha 1 here are the links you’ll need:

Let us know you’re thoughts once you get the Alpha release up and running!