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Mozilla is on the verge of releasing Firefox 3.1 Beta 2, and it’s quite possible that in the next month or two the final version will be pushed out the door. A major new release like this means that some of your favorite extensions might not be working, and Mozilla doesn’t want that to happen. With over 1 billion extension downloads they are now reaching out to developers asking them to update their extensions for the upcoming release.

Being an extension developer myself I’ve tried to keep CyberSearch up-to-date and functional with all nightly releases of Firefox 3.1. In fact we just updated the extension over the weekend (version 1.0.7) to fix yet another change Mozilla made in the nightly builds rendering our extension inoperable.

Mozilla has assembled a compatibility chart that looks at all of their extensions, and determines how many of them are not yet compatible with Firefox 3.1. I’m not, however, quite sure about the accuracy of the chart. If you view the detailed report you can see a list of all the extensions and what version of Firefox they currently work with. CyberSearch isn’t even on that list.

This is a two-way street though. Developers need to start prepping for Firefox 3.1, and at the same time Mozilla needs to get better about approving new releases. CyberSearch 1.0.7 was just approved this week after about 2 months of submitting different updates, and so it looks like Mozilla has some catching up to do. Just make sure you check the homepage of your favorite extensions, because they may already have a Firefox 3.1-compatible release.