The Firefox crop circle that was made by some Oregon State University students a few months back has now been placed on Google Maps. Every time I see a picture of this crop circle it always amazes me.

First of all I want to say how cool it is that Google already refreshed their satellite imagery to capture the crop circle. From my experiences Google has the most up-to-date satellite imagery available to users compared to any other services that are offered by companies like Microsoft and Yahoo. Nice job Google!

Next, I can’t get over how much work people go through to promote Firefox. With all of the publicity that the crop circle received I am sure it was well worth the work just to be able to say that “I was part of that,” but I’m just talking about in general what people go through. I think that Firefox has to be one of the most viral pieces of software ever created because it relies so heavily on people telling other people about it. Most companies pay heavily to advertise their products around the Internet and even on television…but Firefox hasn’t done any of that. There are millions and millions of Firefox users that use the browser because of people like you and me.

I’m sure it also helps that Mozilla has a whole site,, that is dedicated to people referring other people to the browser. I just looked up and it is a domain squatter…guess Microsoft couldn’t swoop in to get that one fast enough. :D

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News Source: Asa Dotzler Blog