400 Million Firefox Downloads Back in February Firefox hit 300 million downloads, and now 7-months later it is rolling the counter over again as they hit 400 million downloads! Of course that is the number of downloads the browser has, and doesn’t actually represent the number of users. Actually Mozilla recently posted information regarding things they’re trying to do to improve their user retention rate, and the graph they provided implies that they have around 40 million daily users…just 10% of the number of downloads.

Now it is time to go onward and upward! April 15th, 2008 is my estimated date that Firefox will hit 1/2 billion downloads. And we should see 1 trillion downloads sometime in the year 8049 if their current growth rate continues.

Congrats to Mozilla and the Firefox team! Keep up the great work, and I’m looking forward to Firefox 3 which is expected later this year.

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Source: CNet