Firefox Extension Allows Users To Skin GMail Without Greasemonkey

I recently decided to test out this Firefox extension called GMail Skins. It is a very cleverly designed extension that allows a user to skin their GMail account. The skins are actually the least impressive part of the extension. All of the configuration of the extension is done through the GMail settings tab and it really appears to be an integrated part of GMail.

In addition to the skinning features (which aren’t that great, I am still using the default GMail skin) they have other features that you can customize. One of the coolest features is to get rid of the attachment icon (currently a paperclip) and replace it with the icon for the file type (if it is a zip file then it will display a zip icon). Some of the other options are to remove the footer from the page and also to remove the invite-a-friend section.

Overall, I would recommend that you at least give the extension a try and see if you like it. I wasn’t impressed with the skinning abilities but you might like the skins or find some of the other features quite useful.

News Source: GMail Skins