Firefox Extension Finally Made For Google Bookmarks

With Google’s latest release of the Google Toolbar for Firefox, many users were disappointed to see a lacking of functionality. Everyone thought that they would implement similar features to what the toolbar for Internet Explorer has. However, this was not the case and now someone has finally developed an extension for Firefox that will allow users to have the Google Bookmarks right at their fingertips.

Google Bookmarks is a simple-to-use bookmarking system that Google implemented last year into their Search History functionality. This extension will allow you to view your Google Bookmarks much like how the Google Toolbar Version 4 does for Internet Explorer. In addition to being able to view your bookmarks, you can also add bookmarks very quickly.

So what do Google Bookmarks have that does not? Well they don’t really appear to be trying to compete with but the main feature that I like is that my bookmarks are private. Is Google going to beat the social bookmarking systems? Not a chance, because social bookmarking is almost becoming a way of life for some people. It is an easy way to share sites that you love and to find related sites to the ones that you always visit!

Google Bookmarks Firefox Extension