Informational Tab

Learn Firefox reviewed an awesome extension today that shows tiny little thumbnails of each site in its respective tab. The extension is called Informational Tab, and it’s surprisingly useful for being such a lightweight extension.

All it really does is show a small thumbnail and progress bar in each tab. I didn’t think such a small image would actually be useful, but you’d be surprised how many sites have unique color schemes that make them easily distinguishable. After a little bit I almost found myself navigating solely by looking at the thumbnails.

There aren’t too many things that you can configure compared to some other extensions, but I was surprised at how many things I could adjust in such a simple extension:

  • Pick the position of where the preview appears on each tab.
  • Choose the size of the preview. It can be a fixed size, or it can be a percentage of the tab width.
  • The progress bar can be configured to show on the Status Bar, on each individual tab, or both.
  • Emphasis can be added to the title of unread tabs.
  • Configure the positioning of the close button (on each tab, only on the active tab, or at the end of the tab bar).

Learn Firefox has more screenshots including some of all the different configuration options. You should also checkout our top 10 tab-related Firefox extensions for some similar tools.