When Mozilla put together their Firefox Campus Edition, they included only three extensions with it.  Considering the number of extensions out there, the three that they included were probably chosen carefully. Among them were Foxytunes, StumbleUpon, and Zotero. Zotero is a “must-have” for students and anyone who does web research because it keeps track of and sorts your citations. Recently they dropped the beta tag from their name and launched version 1.0. If you haven’t gotten it yet, go and check it out.  The list of features is lengthy, and I think you’ll be impressed.

For those of you who were already using Zotero, you’ll notice improvements in functionality and stability with the new version, otherwise, everything pretty much remains the same. We’ll quickly re-cap the list of features that they offer (originally mentioned here):

  • Automatic capture of citation information from web pages
  • Storage of PDFs, files, images, links, and whole web pages
  • Flexible notetaking with autosave
  • Fast, as-you-type search through your materials
  • Playlist-like library organization, including saved searches (smart collections) and tags
  • Platform for new forms of digital research that can be extended with other web tools and services
  • Runs right in your web browser
  • Formatted citation export (style list to grow rapidly)
  • Free and open source
  • Shared collections
  • Remote library backup
  • Integration with Microsoft Word and other word processors
  • Access your library from anywhere via the web
  • Advanced search and data mining tools
  • Recommendation engine and RSS feeds
  • Wide variety of import/export options

Zotero would have come in handy if I were still a student. I don’t do enough research to make this extension worth it, but trust me, if you’re a student, it’s worth it! It’s a powerful tool, and you can even use tags! All you have to do to start using Zotero after you’ve downloaded it is look for the Zotero logo at the bottom of your web browser and click it (circled in red below. This image shows what appears:


Download Zotero 1.0.1

Thanks for the tip Jack of all Trades!