Firefox 2 TV

Congratulations to Firefox for having its television debut earlier this week. Their are four user-created commercials that Mozilla is airing in the San Francisco and Boston areas and Mozilla Links has a listing of the times that the commercials will air (which apparently ends tonight).

At the end of the commercial users are presented with a hyperlink,, to visit that offers a download link for the browser along with the opportunity to watch the four commercials. You might notice that the URL I hyperlinked on the is a little different because users visiting that URL are forwarded to another address, and that address is the one that I hyperlinked to. That way it will help Mozilla keep accurate stats as to who is really coming to the site from the commercial.

I am really excited that Firefox is looking at other methods of advertising even though the word-of-mouth has brought them millions and millions of users. It will surely help in brand recognition so that when someone hears Firefox they may think “oh yeah, I saw that on a commercial once.” Not only that, but it is awesome that the commercials being aired are all created by fans of the browser and not by an outside company…making this even more memorable.

Congratulations to Mozilla and Firefox for this big milestone!

News Source: Mozilla Links