Firefox Image ToolbarYou need the Image Toolbar extension if you’re a Firefox user and find yourself saving or copying images all of the time. It’s actually a simple little thing that reminds me of something Internet Explorer does. With it installed hovering over an image presents you with some of the most common actions for an image: save, copy, print, and information.

The nice thing is that this has a lot of customizable options that put it one step ahead of what Internet Explorer offers. Here are some of the things that you can tweak:

  • Pick the default image folder. Then choose whether you are prompted to enter in a filename, or if it should automatically save the image to that folder.
  • Choose which buttons you want to appear on the toolbar (save, copy, print, info, or folder). You can also remove the text labels and have it use small icons, which I have shown in the screenshot above.
  • Change the duration that you have to hover over the image before the toolbar will be displayed.
  • Pick the minimum width and height of the images that the toolbar can be displayed for. This is nice so that it’s not constantly showing up if your just hovering over an avatar or something. Holding down the CTRL button will override this setting in case you do want the toolbar to be displayed.
  • Pick the location of where the toolbar shows up. By default it will appear in the upper-left corner of the image your hovering over, but you can adjust it so that it is displayed where your mouse is.

Get the Image Toolbar for Firefox

Note: I did test this on a Firefox 3 nightly build and it makes the browser crash every time it starts. So only use this on Firefox 1.5 or 2.

Source: Ghacks