live bookmarks reader

From our 7,000+ feed subscribers I’m surprised to see that over 600 of those readers are still using the rather simple Firefox Live Bookmarks to keep up on the news. I’ve always found the Live Bookmarks system to be overly simple since the only part of the feed that is made available is the title of the article. I guess the simplicity is what draws the users in though.

For all of the Live Bookmark users out there we’ve found an extension that will make your feed reading just a tad bit better. The Feed Sidebar extension will add a new sidebar that will grab all of the Live Bookmarks that you are currently subscribed to. As you sift through the multiple feed items there will be a summary displayed in the lower half of the sidebar. Here are some of the nifty features:

  • You can mark some or all of the entries as read
  • Refresh the feeds on demand
  • Specify the interval that the feeds will be refreshed at
  • Open all unread articles in new tabs
  • Adjust how many days worth of data is shown for each feed
  • Double-click on a feed item to mark it as read and open it in the browser

Hopefully all of the Firefox Live Bookmarks users out there will put this extension to good use!

Feed Sidebar Firefox Extension