Firefox Logo has released another fine version of Firefox Portable and this time it has even more features. If you are a Firefox Portable user then you should download the new version instead of just updating Firefox. Here is what John says is new in this release:

Intelligent Start – Firefox Portable now uses an intelligent start system that keeps track of where you’re running it from. That way, if you run it a second time from the same location or move to another PC that happens to give you the same drive letter, it won’t have to do as much to start Firefox up.

Alternate INI Locations Dropped – To improve startup time, the alternate directory layouts for the FirefoxPortable.ini file have been dropped. It will need to be placed next to FirefoxPortable.exe. If you use an INI, you’ll also need to update it with the new INI options. Read more about advanced options in the help.html.

Most Alternate Directory Layouts Dropped – To simplify the launcher, all alternate directory layouts have been dropped except placing the launcher one directory above the FirefoxPortable directory. Read more about advanced options in the help.html.

Improved Unicode Support – Firefox Portable has improved support for unicode, so you can drop a file with non-ASCII characters right on FirefoxPortable.exe and open it up.

Improved Live CD Support For Windows 95/98/Me – Live mode has been improved for better compatibility with most Windows 95, 98 and Me systems.

The “Intelligent Start” feature is worth the upgrade alone because it allows Firefox Portable to start much quicker if you run it from the same location…which is often the case for me. Nice work John!